November 02, 2005

Slashdot | Identity Theft-What Can Really be Done w/o a SSN?

There is currently a Slashdot discussion about Identity Theft asking how much can really be done without a Social Security Number, the title states that with Identity Theft
"it all seems to come back the the Social Security Number. Financial companies have other controls in place (customer service verification checking, account passwords, etc) to ensure identification. But in order to be of any use, a bad guy would really need someone's SSN. Absent of that, other information would be useless."
Which if true is rather damning for the ID Cards claim to aid in fighting Identity Theft, rather than aiding it since the NIR number will become equivalent to the SSN. A single point where failure can devistate a system's security. Which it will, even with biometrics. And as a bit of public service
"Richard Nixon's social security number is 567-68-0515"


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